Jubilee Reach Festival of Trees

Over the weekend, I attended the Jubilee Reach Festival of Trees gala and auction. There were lots of old and wealthy people, neither of which is me, but I figured I could use a night to be fancy.

Seriously, guys. When I say wealthy, I mean wealthy. Some of these people were laying down $50,000 that night. That's the price of my student loan! 

While no one was helping out my student debt, many people donated to Jubilee Reach and its work for Bellevue students and their families. This year's Festival of Trees included 27 items for auction and they ended up raising over $900,000

I got the opportunity to attend the Festival of Trees as an intern for 425 Magazine, a silver sponsor for the event. I was also allowed to bring a guest. My hot date for the evening? My sister, of course.

paris part 1-3.jpg

We spent Saturday finalizing her accessories before heading to the event at the Hyatt Regency.

 I recycled my Arts Ball dress from Asos. Ulri's dress, bracelet, and earring cuff, plus my necklace and shoes, are all from Francesca's. If you haven't been recently, you should. Both my sister and I think they've upped their game, and they have plenty of affordable yet quality pieces!

Obviously, there were plenty of beautifully decorated trees at the Festival of Trees. Each professionally decorated and donated trees also came with additional prizes like a trip to Tuscany, Expedia credit, and spa treatments. If onlyyy.....

The only unfortunate part of the evening was the lighting (woe is me). The area outside of the room for the dinner and auction used lights which reminded me of a football game. But the unlit bits were very dark and orange-y. 

Once inside, it was full on orange. Pretty, yes, but still very orange.

I had some mild anxiety before the actual auction began, and we seriously almost left, but I'm glad we didn't! Dinner and wine were great, and the company lovely. I'd never been to a gala/auction/event like this before but it was immense fun--especially when Ulri played heads or tails on my behalf for a $1,000 Bellevue Collection certificate! We didn't win, but she got really close!

It was just really nice to glam up and get in the holiday spirit with my sister. The whole thing definitely got us excited for the upcoming holiday season!