B L O O M I N G | 28 April 2019


It’s the season known for rebirth, growth, and the most indecisive, confusing weather which simultaneously drives your frustration yet keeps you looking forward to what the day will look like.

Spring is essentially the Scorpio of the zodiac.


Because of its unpredictable weather, Spring has been my least favourite season. As a kid, I was never able to have an outdoor party as a kids. I know, boo hoo me. But thanks to climate change, it may become my favourite season (second to autumn) as temps are forecasted to reach 27C/80F degrees this week with no rain in sight!

After a long winter, the sun and blooming flowers have me undeniably in higher spirits, but it also helps that I’m no longer working as a barista and am currently immersed in rehearsals for Kim’s Convenience at Taproot Theatre. If you’re in Seattle, please come see the show! It’s a beautiful and hilarious play, and I am blessed blessed blessed to bring this story to the west coast and Seattle. Alsoooo, there are several other major this happening which are steps forward to accomplishing some lifelong dreams. Whoah. I know. That was a lot to just vaguely drop, but I’m not going into all of that right now. Call this my official teaser!

On a different note, you may have noticed that I’ve finally parted from the name Ugly Asian Girl. Last year, I had been seriously struggling with the name, eventually settling to keep it, but due to those vaguely referenced career/life things happening, it doesn’t make sense. I still have the domain and would like to do something with it in the future, but for now, my blog is self named. I’d like this to be a one-stop platform for my freelance work, acting projects, and an online diary to share and remain connected with y’all!

OK. Enough with the life updates. Onto sharing this dreamy Spring Sunday where I discovered a piece of London tucked away in Seattle . . .


The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew this place would be special.

Let’s be honest. I’d already stalked Harry’s Fine Foods on Instagram, and that’s actually how I came across it months ago. Despite what you may make you think from the name, Harry’s Fine Foods is a restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood whose London-esque exterior and rustically refined aesthetic immediately called my name. Thank goodness for Instagram because I had completely forgotten about Harry’s until one of their posts popped up on my feed. So my sister and I were off for breakfast on a gorgeous Spring day to find that unmistakable painted sign sticking out like a beautiful time capsule.


The moment I stepped inside, I couldn’t hide the glee from my face. You essentially walk into a converted living room, greeted by a gorgeous curved bar, marble top tables, and friendly yet laid back servers. I was ready to take the table next to the front door, bathed in sunlight from the many windows, and framed by a mirror wall which instantly took me back to Paris . . . But then we saw the sunroom. There was a communal table in this marvelous sunroom/greenhouse with an optimal view of the entire room plus the end of the bar and the street. Who doesn’t love people watching?

I didn’t get any wide shots and was totally unprepared, hence the iPhone photos. There are actual plants growing in here, and it feels extra magically because it seems like they’re growing wild. The rustic wood table, repurposed tomato cans for holding utensils and napkins, and perfectly mismatching vintage cups/mugs reminded me of my favourite London cafes. The cream even came in a small antique silver saucer thing! Once we sat down, coffee was immediately offered and it was probably the best cup of drip coffee I’ve had in Seattle. And they were consistently attentive with refills. Too good to be true? It gets better . . .


I may never find a man who makes me smile like this breakfast spread, and I’m okay with that. So long as great places like Harry’s continues to exist.

Corn cakes, collard greens, breakfast sausages from Uli’s, and two eggs. My mouth is watering writing this. TMI? Here’s the thing, as much I go into detail about the interiors of Harry’s, the food is quite straightforward, homely, and well executed with quality ingredients. The corn cakes are perfectly cooked with a slight crunch to the exterior and bits of cornmeal inside which contrast nicely with the fluffy interior, and the batter is barely sweetened, ready to absorb that maple syrup! The collard greens are broken down to that lovely Southern Living level of tender, and I appreciate the wide cut on the greens. With Harry’s collard greens, they focus on the actual flavour of the collards instead of relying on a fatty, salty ham hock to do all the work as cooks. I promise I love flavour, but most places in Seattle over salt/season their food, a countrywide dining issue, which is beginning to shift, and thank the Lord!


But back to this breakfast sausage, it’s from Uli’s, which is a hallmark of Pike Place Market, and it tastes like the epitome of what a breakfast sausage should taste like. The eggs weren’t memorable as I went with over easy and should’ve given them the test of sunnyside up. I’ll do that next time or go with scrambled because they looked divine on someone else’s plate.

My sister ordered the chicken and waffles, intrigued by the fried bone-in-chicken thigh topped with a gochujang sause. It came on top of braised cabbage whose presence confused me a little, but was inoffensive with a nice kick. The waffles were more of your at-home-kind which I’m not a super fan, but the chicken was good, and the gochujang sauce actually tasted like gochujang; I’m not about that super sweet Americanized stuff.

The rest of our table filled up with a group of four friends who were going full out with mimosas but one woman ordered an Aperol. Spritz. I could have melted in euphoria at that moment. Y’all, I haven’t seen an Aperol Spritz served in Seattle. It was like seeing a zebra running wild in Washington. I’ve never even seen it on a menu over the last 3 1/2 years of moving back. Now, it was served in a pint glass, but the plan is next time, I’m not driving and ordering an Aperol Spritz. Or two.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the PRICE! Uh, so affordable. My giant breakfast plate cost $13.50, and I had to take half of it home! I probably had three cups of coffee and only had to pay $3.50. And the service was incredible: attentive, sincere, relaxed. I can’t wait to go back again for breakfast and for happy hour and dinner!


My sister and eventually left Harry’s, shortly then stumbling upon a little fountain oasis, before some grocery shopping, and iced teas from Caffe Vivace. After we parted ways, I was not ready to do any kind of work so I went on an exploration of my neighbourhood to take advantage of the sun. The flowers were showing off in the afternoon sun, and I walked around Ballard/Fremont admiring the uniqueness of the Seattle homes and wide variety of flowers.

upside down.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this post, and you can look forward to a Turning 26 Birthday post after this weekend. The weather is looking absolutely divine to continue celebrating my birthday with the fam and spending Mother’s Day by the coast! I’ll be sharing the weekend in real time on Instagram so if you’re not following me and want to, you can find me @misslialee.

Alright lovelies, until next time,