Die Vampire, Die!


You see this face? This is the face of a woman before she quit a job which was sucking her spirit.


I had been in bed with a vampire (yes, figuratively speaking — unless he’s Keanu Reeves).

The title of this post was inspired by what character Susan says in the gem of a song” Die Vampire Die!” from the musical [title of show]:

“A vampire is any person or thought or feeling that stands between you and your creative self-expression…filling you with doubt, insecurity, about what your art should be.”


So I escaped to London for a break I thought would rejuvenate me to head back to work.

Long story short: it did not. I came back despising the thought of heading into work. Every task felt impossibly laborious and taxing. All of the issues I had prior to my holiday seemed 100 times worse and every problem seemed unsolvable. [insert looooong groan]

After work, I attempted to apply to new jobs related to marketing and visuals, but I would come home far too emotionally exhausted and deflated that a single application was taking a week to submit. Finally, on Halloween, I decided I need to give my notice. Immediately. I was waiting fo a secure full-time offer before quitting because that’s the responsible adult thing to do, but in that mental state, nothing was happening. I wasn’t making progress. So I decided I needed to take the plunge.


It’s the holiday season after all so everyone in retail is hiring — seemed like a safe bet to tie me over for the next couple months. Sure enough, on Halloween I was essentially given two seasonal retail offers because I have some truly amazing people in my life.

So on November 1st, I gave my notice! Thankfully, it was a mutual parting. I finalized all of my handover documents this past Thursday, and also accepted an offer to my next workplace which I’m soooo excited about,

Cherry Street Coffee House!


Also, I couldn’t help but show off this gorgeous green camera bag I got in Covent Garden! I also got this white beret (it’s different from the one I got in Cardiff) as well as a gorgeous green beret which I’ve yet to wear. Go and support Pop Boutique if you’re in the area!

(Full outfit details at the very end of this post)


Surprise! It’s not retail. I ended up nabbing a last minute interview and they offered me a full-time position! Cherry Street is a local Seattle coffee franchise with healthy breakfast and lunch options. I plan on taking full advantage of their amazing coffee education resources to improve my coffee crafting skills, learn new techniques, and dive into the business side of things!

But what about marketing? What about my plans to eventually open my own business/agency? Here’s what I realised: Marketing is fun. It’s integral to everything in our lives: education, businesses, shopping, etc. Moving forward with my entrepreneurial plans, it will play an especially important role (*mysterious hint hint*), but the process of leaving TREE and applying for new jobs forced me to go within again. I had to really think about what jobs in the past made my happy and, most importantly, why? What do I need from my work and what continues to drive it?


Conclusion: I’m all about the people. Those human connections, seeing people smiling, knowing that I helped brighten their day — creating community.

I am so happy to get back to the basics with this new job, and simultaneously relieved/excited to have discovered a common thread amongst my many, many interests and passions.

While I had originally applied for a place holder job, I’ve recognised that customer service and the food/beverage industry is what I love and have always loved the most. Working for Starbucks for a year-and-a-half wasn’t amazing (mentally, it was just something to do when I wasn’t auditioning/I needed the money), but the work itself made me feel good. Yes, even the cleaning could be meditative and a nice break from the over stimulating atmosphere.


I feel like I’m always saying, “Change is happening.” Reading this you’re probably thinking, “Oh, there goes Lia again with another venture to try out.”

And who knows? Maybe it’s not all what I think it to be. Maybe my perspective is off or clouded. But I won’t truly know until I just go for it.


Disclaimer: change is coming, and you might not like it. I’m getting comfortable with not caring. For my whole life, I’ve internalised other people’s doubts (or my parents specifically) about succeeding when there’s risk involved. Sorry to sound condescending, but news flash: everything involves risk! I’m calling it now — 2019 will be the best year of my life so far (or just as good as 2015). I't’s not just going to happen to me. I’ll have to work for it, but I’m going to kill lots of vampires along the way (figuratively speaking). Die Vampire, Die!

Oufit Details:

Beret - vintage (Pop Boutique)

Coat - vintage London Fog (uxctacoma)

Top - Burberry

Jeans - GAP

Shoes - Zara

Bag - vintage (Pop Boutique)

Photography by Danté Kim