September in Seattle

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I updated the blog, and since I’m on holiday in London, I thought this the perfect time to update you all on the incredible month that was September 2018. This may take a while so go use the toilet, grab a snack and/or drink, and here we goooo~

So why have I been absent? Well, that was mostly due to the fact that I thought the Ugly Asian Girl blog was over. Yup. Last month, I had a surge of people asking me, “Whyyy?!” about the name and saying I should change it. Now, as I explained in my video, it’s exactly because of these head-turning responses that I decided on Ugly Asian Girl. But the concerned looks from new friends and work colleagues made me doubt its relevance and longevity. Perhaps it had a certain shelf life and now it was over? So I began transitioning away from it: removing the hashtag from my Instagram bio and changing my website to my actor website


Thankfully, I saw the light and realised that the reason why I was feeling uncomfortable about the attention was 1) people were apparently reading my blog and suddenly my old, emotional, angsty posts seemed frivolous but more importantly 2) my content and blog didn’t coincide with what I envisioned as the Ugly Asian Girl. 

Changes will be happening soon and hopefully you’ve already noticed some differences on the blog. Reworking the look of my blog, creating a new logo, and refocusing my content will all be a part of Ugly Asian Girl 2.0. Focusing on my life as a Asian-American woman seeking the balance of creative fulfilment while paying the bills.

(BTW the photos in this post don’t necessarily represent the direction I’ll be heading. They’re actually test shots that my talented friend, Ricky Basconcillo, took while we were prepping for a photoshoot for an out-of-town blogger)


What else have I been up to? Well, I moved to Seattle on Labor Day and the next day began workshopping a brand new musical with Seattle Repertory Theatre. It was honestly one of the most amazing creative experiences of my life! After that week of musical bliss was over, literally the next day I began work on a truly special production of Legally Blonde with Showtunes. It was an immense honour to be a part of such a groundbreaking portrayal of this popular musical. I got to work with some serious Seattle big names, meet incredible artists, and we put the show together in just two. weeks. Wild. WIIIIIILD!!!


Want to know what else is wild? I met someone. Yes, I’ve only lived in Seattle for a month, but when you’re ready, the universe knows! But yes, in case you were wondering, it does feel like he fell out of the sky and into my life. We’re still processing how two human beings can be so similar in thinking, values, and interests and how being together is as natural as breathing oxygen — but better.

I don’t have any more performance opportunities lined up, which does make me sad, but I think this break is necessary for me. I need to finish settling into my new place and sort out some career moves (have to keep it vague for now — sorry!). 

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much! I always love hearing when you’ve read my posts, and it still surprises me that you’re inspired(?!) by my words. But that’s the beauty of our online communities being able to strengthen our physical communities and vice versa. I’ll keep you up-to-date about my visit to London and the blog refresh on Instagram.

With Love,

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