Spring in Blue(m)

Today's the big day. It's the day I've been talking about since I started this blog, actually.

Today, I turn 25.

Woe is me . . .

Yes, it's the highly anticipated quarter of a century milestone. But I am incredibly relieved to announce that 2018 has been, by far, my best year since moving back from London. *mild cheers* My anxiety no longer rules my life *whoo*  I have a new fantastic job *whoooo* And I love the opportunities that a career in interior design provides *WHOOOO!!!!*

Since my last trip to the UK, I've been sprinkling updates about my life via Instagram. Quick life update: I started a new school quarter, new job, and new show all at once! Simply put: April was madness. Now it's May, and things are becoming a little more manageable (little being the keyword...). I'm relearning not to say yes to everything and recognize my limits. 


An accurate depiction of me: constantly teetering on the edge of balance and catastrophe while trying to look graceful.


But I bought this blue vintage Nordstrom coat at UXC Tacoma which goes amazingly with this skirt so life is also pretty good. I guess I have a thing for blue coats? (Seriously, if you're in the Tacoma area, you need to check them out. All of my favourite coats are from there!) I also bought this skirt from UXC last year but this is the first time getting to wear it! 

close up-1.jpg

I was such a mess this time last year that I have no recollection of what I did for my birthday! I likely didn’t do anything, and that’s why I don’t remember it . . . Ah, wait. I even wrote a blog post about turning 24 and how much I hated it. Yes, I remember now. All it did was remind me of friends I’d left behind and the life I had in London. I was so fixated on what I had and trying to recreate the past that I couldn’t enjoy my life. I couldn’t see the possibilities and opportunities around me in my current situation. 


But I've undergone an important shift in thinking. My perspective has changed and so has my focus, and all for the better! So for this birthday, I'm actually spending some time to celebrate the big 25! We miraculously have rehearsal off tomorrow night so I've organised a last-minute get together of drinks and cupcakes. I won't be able to let loose too much as we have a 12-hour rehearsal the next day, but I can still have a drink (or two) with friends! The main thing for me is to spend time with the friends I do have in the Seattle area and appreciate who I have in my life. Of course, I wish I could share the night with my London friends as well, but life goes on.


Sometimes it goes slightly downhill, but you manage to take it in stride in 5-inch platforms. 


More life updates to come, but in short:

Welcome, Spring. Welcome, 25. I am ready for you.

Remember to say "Hi" in the comments below or my latest instagram post! I know it's been ages since I uploaded anything, and I'd love to see who's still with me! 

Photography by my talented brother, Alex Lee