Chloris Tea & Coffee [From the Archives]

After a beautiful morning enjoying the cherry blossoms, Yu Min and I headed to Hongdae for my favorite meal: Sunday brunch.

She was meeting a friend later at Chloris Tea & Coffee, but since she was already hungry, we decided to go there ahead of time. I had no idea what to expect, and as I’m unfamiliar with the Hongdae area, I blindly followed her. 

I was surprised to find that Chloris is an English-style café/restaurant on the second floor of a busy street. I was also expecting a typical Korean style café so I was surprised when we finished walking up the narrow stairs to be greeted by a large expansive room with an English flair.

We grabbed a table by the window, and enjoyed the fact that we practically had the place to ourselves! It was about 12:30pm when we arrived, which I guess is early for the university crowd after a night/morning of partying??? Around this time in Itaewon, all the brunch places would be packed! 

Like at any other café in Seoul, you order at the cashier, are given one of those buzzy things, and then you pick up your food at the counter. Yu Min just got a milk tea to carry her over until her friend came while I opted for the mushroom crêpes and an americano.

I was worried that they would be skimpy on the mushrooms, heavy-handed with the cream, unskilled in making the crêpe … a lot of things could have gone wrong. The salad was also fresh and covered in a zingy balsamic vinaigrette. For 12,000 won, this brunch was definitely worth it!  Anyways, it turns out that I worried for nothing because everything came out perfectly! 

When I saw how huge the plate was, I didn’t know if I could finish it! Also, all the cream seemed like it would upset my stomach, but no. It. was. perfect. I also really appreciated that the mushrooms were thickly cut; they satisfied this vegetarian! The fact that the place wasn’t packed (which Yu Min says is usually the case) probably meant the cook got to concentrate more on my food. 

Maybe it was the style of cup that created an illusion, but I felt like my americano was massive. It didn't have that rich of a crema, but the flavor was deep and strong - just how I like 'em! It was a nice change from the usual lighter Korean coffee. It tasted like I was back in Seattle!

In every way, Chloris was a very pleasant surprise. I will definitely be back to try their famous Milk Tea Snow Blossom and check out their second floor! If you want to know how to get there, I found a video on how to get to Chloris Tea & Coffee, which you can watch itHERE. I highly recommend you try it for yourself! I’ll try to be back very soon!