Lemon Meringue Cake at Glamorous Penguin [From the Archives]

In the search for my birthday cake, I ventured to a very popular cake and coffee shop called Glamorous Penguin.

Ignore the bizarre name and just eat their cake. 

On my way there, it started pouring from the heavens!!! I was completely unprepared. No jacket, no umbrella, just completely naked to the elements. I ran inside as fast as I could and grabbed a seat where I sipped an americano while waiting out the downpour. 

Once the rain stopped, I got a slice of their lemon meringue cake to take away and enjoy at home!

As each cake is a beautiful masterpiece, I’m glad to say that they take great pains to properly package their treats for transport. Because of the meringue, they even packed a mini ice pack to prevent the meringue from melting. it was even covered in a cloth to pick up any condensation, preventing any further destructive moisture!

I should also note that they packed me two forks, as who gets a slice of cake to take away just for herself? This girl right here.

This is proper cake. This isn’t the typical Korean fluffy sugary stuff you get from most bakeries. This. is. cake.

The lemon flavour was bright and distinct. The cake was the perfect level of moistness (yes, it’s a word) with a slightly sweet meringue. This is stuff that makes you swear every time you take a bite kind of good.