The Red Velvet Cake at Glamorous Penguin [From the Archives]

 I thought nothing could surpass that glorious lemon meringue cake in my PREVIOUS POST, but then I tried the red velvet. Lord have mercy. 

After exploring the Namdaemun Flower Market, I took Juhong to Glamorous Penguin in order to try cake option #2 for my birthday party.

I read online that they use beets to naturally colour their red velvet cake. I'm not sure if this is true as it is extremely difficult to do without altering the texture or colour. But nevermind whether or not I was eating a ton of food colouring. This red velvet takes the cake of red velvets.

Juhong with the beautiful slice of cake.

Juhong with the beautiful slice of cake.

I also couldn't resist trying an iced strawberry "latte" as well. There's actually no coffee in this. It's basically a freshly made strawberry milk with lots of fresh strawberry pieces, but they looked so pretty together!




Like the lemon meringue cake, the red velvet is real cake by western standards. The cake is by my definition perfect: chewy, dense, but moist. It is so flavourful and moist that it doesn’t need large amounts of frosting. In my opinion, most red velvet cakes are overpowered by copious amounts of overly sweet frosting. But here, the cake shines, and the cream cheese flavour aids in bringing this cake to an unworldly level of deliciousness. It took immense willpower on my part not to swear up a storm every time I took a bite. 

Maybe it’s because I had no expectations going in, but I feel like both of the cakes I’ve had at Glamorous Penguin were the best cakes I’ve ever had in my entire life. Here. In Seoul. South Korea of all places!

How to choose??? My party is this weekend so you guys will find out soon! Make sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to see pictures from the day's events!