That Long Coat Confidence

You know that moment when an entire outfit feels so right it's like you can conquer the world? When your walk has the energy of a supermodel and you swear people are trying not to stare? Well, I hope you have at some point because it's absolutely magical (sans the ballgown and fairy godmother). 

On Saturday, the family went out to Seattle for mum's birthday dinner, and I wanted to not only look good but more importantly feel good. Not gonna lie, I've been pretty down on my body image lately, and as usual, it's all focused on my face. You know, that general sense of dissatisfaction and "meh" when you look in the mirror? I'm also PMSing so that doesn't help at all! 

Now, the original plan was to wear a sweater dress and heel, but as I was getting my outfit ready the night before, I found a hole in the neck! I didn't have time to buy anything so the next morning I threw together the classic oxford and jumper combo. I wore a John+Jenna jumper/sweater from the Nordstrom Rack over an extra long white oxford (with side slits) from Marshall's. To edge it up a bit, I wore it with my trusty J. Crew jeggings and TopShop cut-out booties (man these shoes are getting old!). 

I was feeling pretty great with my monochrome ensemble. Very "me" yet a nice change from my overused repertoire. But what really had me strutting in my pointy-toed booties was this fabulous vintage coat from UXC in Tacoma (which was only $49)! I would have worn my black and white Mango coat, but it was too snug with all the layers. Basically, I had no choice but to wear this coat, but I'm so glad I did!

This Cojana London coat obviously commands attention with a timeless cut. I purchased it on my recent #SHOPLOCAL Day in Tacoma (you can watch the video below), and I'm officially OBSESSED! The length is perfect, the wool is warm yet soft, and I don't feel like I'm drowning in it. I didn't think the black and white would go well with the blue and light sand, but I instantly fell in love and felt like a QUEEEEN.

Sometimes, you just need one of those moments to remember that you are strong, intelligent, and beautiful in your own unique way. No coat is going to give you confidence you don't already have. It's all within us, but it can be difficult to hear our inner warrior with social media, high-definition, filters, etc. etc. *Okay, getting off my soapbox*

This coat is honestly a dream: the way it moves, its classic drama, and surprising versatility. And, it's an easy way for me to add a pop of colour to my look! I wore a thrifted black and brown Liz Claiborne bag to tie the coat in with the rest of the outfit even more. I'll definitely be bringing this coat with me on my upcoming trips to Brussels and London!

You can shop a similar outfit below, and quite a few items are on sale! While I couldn't find a coat just like mine, I did find some alternatives! Since we're approaching the weird bipolar weather that is Spring, everyone could use a long coat to block the wind and rain. Plus, paired with a pair of boots or heels, you can command the office, meeting room, or the pavement like the boss you truly are. 

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