Paris Travel Journal: 3 - 5 Septembre

Apologies for how incredibly late this post is. I've been struggling with adjusting back to life in the States with homesickness, anxiety, a new internship, blah, blah. Whatever. Moving onnn....

If you remember from my London Travel Diaries I know, it was a while ago), then you're aware of how sleep deprived I was by the time I arrived in Paris. The flight was delayed an hour, and our AirBnb was a 45 min. drive from Paris d'Orly, but we finally made it to our first Paris apartment. 

The interiors were beautiful, and the host suuuper nice! Check out Cyril's AirBnb in the 16th arrondissement. It's a nice, family-friendly neighbourhood, away from the craziness of le coeur de Paris, but very close to public transport.



AirBnb is truly the way to go in Paris, and you can get a discount too!

We were all pretty exhausted by the time we settled in. For dinner that evening, we just went to a supermarket and bought an assortment of random things, and then we slept. A LOT.

The next day, we really didn't do anything. We visited the 7th arrondissement and ate dinner at an average restaurant with a beautiful meat and cheese board. 

The next day, we finally did something! We visited the Louvre as neither my mum nor sister had ever been. The weather was gloomy and rainy, and of course, none of us had brought an umbrella! The weather was forecasted to be hot and dry for our whole stay!

Looking back, I wish I'd stayed in because I was still really tired from London, and I hate dealing with crowds!  But I felt like I had to take care of everything since I'm the only one who speaks French, which is ridiculous since the Louvre is one of the biggest tourist attractions! I was stressed out, tired, and anxious about my rusty French skills so I was a grumpy bird for the rest of the trip.

So tired. Just been rained on. But this picture turned out alright!

Hungry and wet, we eventually settled for lunch at Le Café Marly. It's in Le Palais du Louvre but not a part of the museum. A rather swanky but pricey place to dine, it's definitely a touristy place. I tend to avoid these places, but since I had a great time when I visited with mum and dad two years ago, we thought "why not?" Well, this trip, things didn't go quite as dreamily. However, the above expensive truffle ravioli was amazing!

Why not end the meal with a giant éclair? (We split it between the three of us)

Next, we were off to the actual museum. It was ridiculously busy inside as it was really starting to pour.  Sopping wet tourists were seeking shelter inside and damp bodies coupled with the ancient building's lack of efficient air circulation made certain rooms unbearably humid.

I know. I was complaining a lot. I'm only human, okay?!

This is literally what I image heaven would look like. I think that's probably what the artists were trying to achieve . . . 

Dreaming of getting out of this humid hell . . . 




Les Jardins de Tuileries

Some much needed fresh air! Although it was still pretty dreary outside, at least the rain had stopped.

Autumn had arrived early, and I loved it!

After walking through the gardens, we stopped for coffee and pastries at famous salon de théAngelina. There was quite the queue, but it was well worth it. 

Angelina is well-known for their hot chocolate, which is the most luxurious drinking chocolate I've ever had. Topped with fresh whipped cream, that's literal chocolate heaven in a cup.

Decadent chocolate, tart raspberry, and refreshing lemon. The perfect trio for our coffee and drinking chocolate.

We took our time, savouring each bite and watching what other patrons were ordering. Service was friendly and impeccable. The high quality of French service, even at a bistro or café, always surprises me (although we did have a laughably horrendous experience our last night). Eating at Angelina is definitely at the top of my Paris Must-Do's now! 

After all those sweets, it was time for something savoury! After all of the day's walking, we wanted to eat somewhere near our AirBnb for an early night. We had passed by La Garçonnière on our first night, and it was packed. It looked like one of those low-key, local places, and I could do without encountering more obnoxious tourists. 

I was so exhausted by the time we got back to the 16th, but I do remember that we enjoyed our dinner! La Garçonnière is cozy, and the décor has plenty of character and Parisian style -- definitely a spot popular with locals. We ordered le gigot d'agneau (leg of lamb) with potatoes and une salade Niçoise. The lamb was tender and mild in flavour, and the potatoes were cooked to perfection: unbelievably crispy on the outside and creamy inside. Salade Niçoise is one of my favourites and this did not dissapoint with giant anchovies, generous amounts of each element, and a variety of fresh greens.

After a wander back to the apartment, we packed up our things for our next AirBnb in Paris. But first, a visit to the Palace of Versailles!