Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival & Parade {From the Archives}


The Lotus Lantern Festival is an annual event in celebration of Buddha’s birthday. This year, his birthday is on March 6th, and there are many beautiful lanterns, festivities, and even a parade in preparation! You can read a lot more about it HERE

On the night of the parade, I made my way to Jogyesa Temple, the ending point of the parade. Besides the lanterns at the temple and the parade, there were other events going on that night. This year, they didn’t play music during the parade out of respect for the ferry accident, but it was still incredibly beautiful. 

Walking to the festival, almost every store was selling lanterns of all colours, shapes, and sizes!

The temple entrance

The temple entrance

Absolutely bonkers!!!

Absolutely bonkers!!!

I loved how it looked like the tree was growing into the clouds, except in this case the clouds are a rainbow of lanterns.

As Jogyesa Temple is a Buddhist temple, there was a giant gold Buddha in a giant room with a lot of incense. Sorry, I actually don't know that much about the rituals of Buddhism . . .

This was definitely my favourite part! Imagine a kind of tunnel made of white lanterns that went through a sequence of changing colours!

Photo Apr 26, 22 34 39.jpg

Finally, onto the parade!

I was shocked at how much open space and viewing room there was to see the parade. I don’t know if that’s normal for this parade, but in my mind I was expecting London on Guy Fawkes Day. If you want to see a crowd, go to London November 5th. You’ll also get to see the best fireworks shows in the west. That’s my opinion.

Anyways, after about an hour of the parade, I think I had pretty much gotten the picture. I’m really glad I went though because the temple was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and it made for some great photos! Unfortunately, my lens was still broken, but today I bought a new lens! [Angel choir sings, “Hallelujh!”] So my photos from now on should be much better.