Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival {From the Archives}

Prepare your eyes because there’s a whole lot of pink and white flowers heading your way!

Ever since I was young, thoughts of Korea also brought up images of cherry blossoms. Well, I guess not Korea specifically, but my brain equated East Asia with gently falling cherry blossoms kind of like a knee jerk reaction. It was a truly magical sight in my mind (and in animes), with tree-lined streets transforming into pink snow storms.

That's why when cherry blossoms around campus began to bloom, I absolutely had to experience first hand the cherry blossom “snowflakes” swirling in my head and Korean dramas! The fact that they were only around for 1-2 weeks made it that much more special!

The cherry blossom festival at Yeouido Park is along the Hangang River, and it's one of the most famous in Seoul. I think the cherry blossoms have already all fallen off by now, but they come again every April!

The day started warm and sunny, and it stayed that way! Perfect weather for strolling along the river and taking in all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms!

I didn't write much in this post so I hope you enjoyed the photos! I'm trying to get back to my usual(ish) schedule after the launch of KUlture TV which has been quite hectic and stressful. After the festival, Yu Min and I had an amazing lunch in Hongdae which you can read about here!