Ugly List: PNW Edition

Here's the first of a new series: the Ugly List! In support of Tacoma (the city I grew up in) and the great Upper Left USA, I've compiled a PNW Edition, featuring my favourite items. If you're struggling to think of a meaningful gift, these PNW proud items could prevent impending holiday shopping headaches!

The 1884 Crew Necks and Made to Create PNW mug, of course, made the list! (Check out my previous post for a more in-depth look) But there are plenty of other items that are not apparel or mugs below!

pnw edition final.jpg

1. Pacific Northwest Crest Zip-up Hoodie // Stickers Northwest

I need a blue hoodie. Who doesn't need a solid blue hoodie with a great crest logo?

2. PNW Mug // SEA 206 Clothing

I know. I just bought a mug, but this logo! I love the old Hollywood film feel!

3. Northwest Trees & Mountains Hoodie // Stickers Northwest

The Pacific Northwest!

4. Bleach Tacoma Achor Zip Hoodie // Bleach

Adore the font and the anchor design. Also, we all know I practically live in grey. 

5. Coffee, Mountains, & Cabins Sweatshirt // Wish You Were Northwest

Yes, yes, and YEEEESSS!!!

6. Sea Creatures Hat // Sea Creatures

For all the Seattle "sea creatures" out there.

7. Northwest Explorer Pocket Tee // Proper NW

Love the design on the darker coloured pocket!

8. Washington Roots Diecut Sticker // Stickers Northwest

Oooooh goooold

9. Mt. Rainier Polyganol Drawing Print // TimPlusApril 

Check out this gorgeous yet minimalist drawing of Mt. Rainier!

10. Tacoma Neighborhoods Map // TimPlusApril

A little different and a little kooky . . . a bit like Tacoma!

11. Tacoma Washington Map // Arch Travel

12. Made to Create PNW Mug 

My dad loves the shape of this mug. Yes, the shape. He is verrrrry particular about his mugs. He's kind of stolen my mug already . . .

13. 1884 Crew Neck Sweater // 1884

Can you say cozy, snuggly, fuzzy dream six times fast?

I hope you all enjoyed the first Ugly List! Happy shopping, and remember to #supportlocal!