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a creative space and online diary of Lia Lee 



    A very, very small percentage of you reading this have known me since the days of Everyday Fête, a food blog I started at the end of 2012. It went on to include more than just food, but all the while, blogging purely remained a hobby. Sure, I wanted to be serious about blogging, but I was in uni and very focused on pursuing an acting career. Eventually, Everyday Fête moved from a custom domain on Wordpress to a free Tumblr blog where it eventually was laid to rest . . . 

    Since Everyday Fête withered away back in April of 2015, a lot has changed in my life. The biggest was leaving my life and home in London for the United States — the very country where I grew up and essentially ran away from. I’m not going to get into the reason and subsequent fallout from that decision here. The important thing is that I am back, trying to be more honest not only with all of you but also myself.

   I don’t want to pretend that I'm perfect or that I know what to do. But I try to appear put together, all the while increasing bills, deadlines and emails threaten to crush me and my soul. I try to go out to cool new places and have fun. I try to make an effort to look stylish. But sometimes, all I want is a doughnut and coffee from Pao's while binge watching Parks and Rec in sweats.

    I’ve learned a lot from my previous blogging and acting ventures and the growth never stops. The questions are never fully answered and the doubts never completely go away. With a new blog that stays true to me, I'm hoping that this blog can bring me some joy.

    I hope you’re all as excited as I am for this new chapter in my life and enjoy coming along for the ride. If not, then don't follow me. It's really that simple. But for those of you who can relate to the struggles of a 20-something graduate who just wants to be surrounded by culture, style, and good food and never hear from from Sallie Mae again, then I say welcome and hello!  I want to connect with you, whether it’s via YouTubeFacebookInstagram, or Twitter